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Pet first aid

using two hands to lift a Siamese April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month and we can't think of anything more important than preparation for disaster or emergency. Often, the foresight planning affords us can make the difference between life or death. Staying calm and in control during any emergency is easier when you've prepared mentally and have the necessary tools available.

Everyone should have a standard first-aid kit for themselves and replenish as required those items that expire or are used. Providing an adequate first aid kit for your pets isn't that different from your own and while there are pet first aid kits for sale keep in mind you'll be dealing with a panic situation and an injured animal requires one have a leash, muzzle or clean cloth strips that may be used to muzzle/immobilize/bandage. Remember the primary rule is do no harm. Other useful first aid supplies for pets include appropriate bandages and dressings, as well as Milk of Magnesia and/or activated charcoal for poison ingestion emergencies. Keep a blanket handy for shock/seizures, and never leave a sick pet alone and unattended.


Having a good first-aid kit and plan is only one aspect of pet care. As loving owners our awareness and connection to our pets daily habits and behaviors can foster a preventative first line of defense against tragedy. The good news is that you can significantly lengthen your pet's life and wellness with little or no expense. Preventable accidents are the number one cause of death among pets. Be aware of their environment. Take action to eliminate hazards like standing water in driveways where antifreeze or other harmful chemicals may accumulate. Resist the urge to let your pets out to roam unsupervised, especially after dark.