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Safe Pets Trust

About Safe Pets Trust

The services Safe Pets Trust offers are provided by a mature,responsible couple. In addition to operating as professional pet care providers for more than ten years, we've been pet owners for most of our childhood and adult lives and we absolutely love interacting with animals.

We are not a boarding facility -- we come to your home.

Our mission

We are committed to ensuring your pet's comfort and maintaining home safety to allow your peace of mind when you can't be at home.

Our services
Emma feels safe at home

We provide in-home pet sitting and home security checks for periods of owner absence or incapacity. We do not board animals, provide overnight services or provide services involving cleaning or maintenance beyond those outlined in our service contract.

Hours of visits vary but are typically from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. with an average standard service lasting 30 minutes. Service can be scheduled online by emailing tony@safepetstrust.com.

Telephone contact is reserved for active clients and emergencies.

Our service contract and pet profiles provide you a tangible guarantee of our commitment to higher standards of care and detail. We appreciate the peace of mind a truly honest and committed pet sitter provides and recognize that this entails building a relationship with both people and animals.

Foremost to us is a secure home and the welfare of your pets. We are thoughtful of our limitations and never overbook services in order to provide the appropriate level of care to every client. We have never missed an assignment,lost a pet or had any property damaged while on our watch. We are sensitive to the details specific to both pets and domiciles and experienced with their care. We anticipate weather event impact and take action to ensure timeliness in emergencies.

Service area

We do not serve areas north of I-70 or south of Nifong and west of Scott Blvd or east of Highway 63.

Residences out of this radius may qualify for service and the minimum rate for a single daily visit is $30. Our boundaries are based on drive time, not mileage. Drive time in Columbia varies dramatically and we simply cannot adequately serve homes that require 20 minutes or longer to access in any working hour.

We are safe and reliable:

  • Fully insured
  • Competent in pet first aid and emergency response.
  • Experienced and detail-oriented with respect to household issues
  • We support local shelter facilities and Missouri Alliance For Animal Legislation
  • Serving Columbia since 2004
  • References available upon request

Why did we become pet sitters?
"I am so pleased and so relieved that I returned home to a happy dog. The quality of service is the best and I am thrilled to have had such wonderful help."

We've always considered our pets to be family members and as the years passed the number of our "kids" and their needs continued growing. The demands of our jobs also grew and we discovered how difficult it was to travel without worrying about them and our home. We wanted consistent care with routine time for play and affection in the manner to which they were accustomed. We wanted to feel confident our home was secure and someone capable was in place to protect it in the event of accidents, severe weather or other problems like a broken water pipe.

Our kind family helped us until they couldn't. The burden became too much to ask of them or our friends. We hired a professional pet sitter: someone reliable; someone to keep our home orderly while we were away; someone that would love our pets as much as we do. While initially we had to adjust to paying a "stranger" for something our family had done so well for free, it quickly became evident this was the best money we would spend on vacation. We found a great pet sitting service and we were satisfied clients for 12 years. It was in that time we learned to appreciate the benefits of a professional pet sitting service and the peace of mind it provides. In fact, that peace of mind was consistently the best and most hassle-free aspect of our travels and significantly improved the experience.

When our pet sitter closed the business in 2004 it coincided with a crossroads in our lives and career paths. We thought pet sitting would be a great business opportunity and found ourselves in the right place and time to be in a position to share our experience and passion for animal companions with people who wanted to feel comfort and assurance while being away from home. We also recognized the benefits this would impart on our own pet companions in terms of their wellness and improved quality time together.

one of our Newfoundlands loving the snow

For me, pet sitting is an avocation and not a hobby.

I've dedicated myself this micro business for more than ten years and I insist to remain primary care provider for pets and homes when I'm engaged. My 30+ years of business experience and a genuine gift for connecting with animals guarantees your pets will receive the special attention they're accustomed to and that you want for them.

I maintain continuous education in the field of animal care and have devoted a great deal of study learning the wily ways of the feline mind. I enjoy the challenges and rewards encountered applying this knowledge to the practical care of companion animals. I have experience and proven strategies in coping with a variety of situations including pet first aid, nutrition, behavioral issues and emergency management. In addition to these qualifications, I offer my experience as a homeowner and attention to detail for each client home we visit.

We're privileged to earn the trust and love of each pet in our care and we are mindful that they are all irreplaceable.

We provide trustworthy care when you can't be there.

Email Tony@SafePetsTrust.com.