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Safe Pets Trust

Professional pet sitters are proven to provide these benefits:

- No Imposition
You needn't feel awkward about imposing on a friend, neighbor or family member, especially with special needs petcare routines. We understand all of the aspects that a comprehensive care plan requires to ensure your pet's needs and your home are safeguarded.

- Security
We will make sure your home is secure every visit and employ a variety of crime deterrent measures including cooperation with local law enforcement. As homeowner's we know how to prevent catastrophes such as fire or plumbing malfunctions from occurring.

- Peace of Mind
While you're away, you can feel confident that your pets and home are entrusted to mature, experienced care providers. Our service is predicated on stewardship and our ten year record of responsible care speaks to our commitment.

-Alleviated Health Concerns
Your pets stay home in their own environment with no exposure to illnesses like Parvovirus, parasites or fleas.

- Consistent Care Routine
Normal daily diet, play and exercise habits are maintained with minimal disruption to your pet. Our care programs are individually tailored to each pet's routines and requirements.

- Reduced Stress
Your pet stays in a soothing,familiar environment thus reducing the stress of your separation while offering love and personal attention where all the sights, smells and sounds are those of good 'ol home. dog happy at home

- Less Travel
Your pets are home sweet home when you leave and waiting for you when you come back - no need to visit the the kennel to pick them up. Your pets aren't traumatized by frantic offices and car trips and will be there to happily greet you at the door when you return.