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Travel and mail security

mailboxPlanning to travel?

Safe Pets Trust has important tips to share.

The avalanche of catalogs we've been recycling lately signals the start of increased mail and package deliveries. Everyone loves surprises, including bad people. Best approaches are the preventive ones.

Whether or not you use our service, we are advocating everyone have their mail held for any trips more than 72 hours. Mail theft rings or "porch pirates" are a sad, but very real and growing problem in many communities, including ours. Often these crimes are perpetrated by desperate people being paid by the piece, and it occurs in broad daylight.

Home invasions increase during the holiday season and the delivery person scheme can be foiled by taking extra precautions.

  1. Make it a habit to learn when your letter carrier comes and who they are. Temporary carriers may not wear postal service uniforms. Because a person is carrying a mailbag doesn't mean they're delivering.
  2. Beware of strangers with packages. If you don't see an official vehicle such as FedEx or UPS, don't open the door until you see positive proof the person is a delivery agent.
  3. Encourage those who may be shipping packages to you to request a signature so packages are not left at your door, unattended.

Help from the U.S. Postal Service