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Safe Pets Trust,
serving pets and homes in Columbia, Missouri. Offering trustworthy care when you can't be there.

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Safe Pets Trust is a member of Pet Sitters International

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Updated 11/7/2023

We continue suspending work with new clients but will keep visiting current clients who are healthy and need assistance. We hope to be back to regular activities soon.

Information related to setting up an appointment, service hours and rates or other information can be found on our FAQ page.

Please contact Tony by email: tony@safepetstrust.com.

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Safe Pets Trust is a friendly, professional pet sitting service, insured and owner operated by responsible adults. We take care of your pets in their own home. We provide trustworthy care when you can't be there. Whether you need a pet sitter or home security visits, we have a customized service to help you.

Note » We no longer conduct dog sitting visits. We don't board pets.

For reliable help with dog sitting while you're travelling we recommend securing a professional pet sitter who offers overnight service calls. You may find such help locally by going to the pet sitting locator at: petsit.com/locate.

We know there is no substitute for you, but we can help provide care and love in the manner in which your pets are accustomed. This lessens stress and maintains the usual patterns for your pets and home. The attention we provide is customized to the needs and detail you prescribe for your home and pets.

We offer short breaks or "pit stops." These are ideal for senior pets or Shadow and Jett in basketpets that need a little attention if you have a long work day.

Your own hospitalization, injury or illness can create problems in caring for your pet. Some of us that benefit from having a pet may have problems providing proper pet care and exercise due to life changes. Contact Safe Pets Trust for assistance with any of these situations.

We are professionally trained, licensed and insured. We are members of Pet Sitter's International and abide by the pet sitter's recommended quality standards.

Visit our frequently asked questions and services and rates sections for details ... or email us at tony@SafePetsTrust.com.

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Holiday Travel

Planning to travel for the holidays?

Safe Pets Trust has two important tips:
Travel and mail security
Winter pet hazards

On keeping cats indoors

Outdoor cat life expectancy averages 3-5 yrs. Cats that are kept indoors tend to live 3-4 times longer. [more]

Purring is Purrfect!

Our good pal Dr. John Williams tells us that a cat purrs at the same frequency physicians use to electronically stimulate bone-mending in humans. Could this be why we enjoy having our cats pile up with us at the end of a hard day? Learn about the Purrfect Power link leads to an external site or read Is There Healing Power in a Cat's Purr? link leads to an external site for more info.









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